French 10 July 2016


Another French list up. Nothing too weird, but I believe every single grid I’ve done has returned Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees for #136 jeter (to throw). Also of note, Jean Baptiste Racine has shown up for every return of #57 racine (root).

English 03 July 2016


The tenth English Swadesh for your perusal. No meta comments, but this is the first time for the English list (and possibly for all lists) that #62 skin returned an actual picture of human skin and not a diagram of the composition of skin or a picture of leather. I believe this is also the first time the English list returned fields of single color for all the color terms (#172-176).

Chinese 19 June 2016


Chinese again. Baidu is switching around how it handles image search, so I had to alter the protocol again. But, as usual, there’s nothing that doesn’t result in a returns page full of cheesecake. That said, Baidu generally returns things that are not shopworn stock photos or dream interpretation SEO, although that last might be my ignorance of Chinese showing through.

An old favorite showed back up, a girl farting orange dust for #109 死 (to die), as well as an old non-favorite, the guy with the gouged eyeball for #187 爛 (rotten). The return for #67 蛋 (egg) was atypical, a clutch of hatching caimans (or other crocodilians). And #87 脖子 (neck) was a quizzical looking Superman with his head cocked and his insignia reversed.

Spanish 12 June 2016


This particular list marks the anniversary of starting this weekly round of manually-compiled Internet Swadesh Lists. There are 52 of them available, or 8 2/3 sets of the six UN languages. For this particular process, I intend to complete 10 full sets, and then look to see about automating them. There may be some hiatus as I figure out how to do this.

Nothing too out of the ordinary for this Spanish set.

French 29 May 2016


Of all the terms that never change in these grids, I find it highly amusing that #003 il (he) has always returned a map of Illinois, and #006 ils (they) has always returned a diagram of the Instrument Landing System used for airliners.

Arabic 18 May 2016


A few days late this time. Two Arabic-character Finder crashes for this one, and a surprising number of sexual position how-to added returns on the top search bar, but only one actual porn-style return, for #123 ينام (to lie)