Monthly Archives: February 2016

English 28 Feb 2016


Round 7 of the Internet Swadesh Grids begins with English again. One interesting thing I noticed this time around, the English Swadesh list tends to pick up more logos than others. Also, I was again struck by how much SEO clickholes tend to love them some dream interpretation — and have emerged as new contenders for dream-based GIS spam. And it’s come up before, but this time I wanted to give a shoutout to the Toy Hall of Fame for their entry for 53 stick, which pops up from their page depicting it as one of the oldest toys.

Arabic 21 Feb 2016


One interesting thing about the Arabic GIS, or at least the UAE GIS, is the number of ragecomics characters that come up. Only some of them make it into the Internet Swadesh grid, but it looks like the Arabic world definitely groks those feels.

This time around, I noticed that this particular little suggested search box would come up more often than not, for words that were not terribly related to exploring sexual positions. LOL.


Chinese 14 Feb 2016


A Chinese Swadesh for Valentines Day. I’ve gone with the new strategy of taking the first non-paid image return from Baidu as the representative for the word; this is probably a good call, especially because when I accidentally clicked on a paid return, Firefox gave me a “attack site” warning. Whoopsie!