Monthly Archives: November 2015

Chinese 21 Nov 2015


Another Chinese list, not as weird as some of the other ones, but plenty of gratuitous cheesecake. I’ve been using screenshots of the ad-linked returns as samples here, but I might start skipping them and use the first “real” image return instead for later grids. I haven’t decided if that’s true to the project or not.

Russian 07 Nov 2015


This time the Russian Internet Swadesh was nowhere near as wacky as last time, although that would be hard to come by. It is very different from last time, however; served up different images for probably 60% of the words in the grid, maybe more. It’s probably the most volatile of the six lists I’m doing. I also got two “no image” placeholders for the first return for two of the items; I went with the second image return for those.

French 01 Nov 2015


So today’s French Swadesh was kinda normal with not a lot of surprises, except for the dude in SCUBA gear sitting at a desk signing papers for 144 couler (to flow), and the three cartoon couples having energetic sex for 180 chaud (hot). This would be as good enough time as any to let me express my irrational distaste for the round-headed cartoon clip-art guy who features in such images as 134 tirer (to pull) and 135 pousser (to push). The drawings are relatively competent, as they manage to exhibit a good eye for body posture and general feel, but for some reason they annoy me no end.