Monthly Archives: May 2016

French 29 May 2016


Of all the terms that never change in these grids, I find it highly amusing that #003 il (he) has always returned a map of Illinois, and #006 ils (they) has always returned a diagram of the Instrument Landing System used for airliners.

Arabic 18 May 2016


A few days late this time. Two Arabic-character Finder crashes for this one, and a surprising number of sexual position how-to added returns on the top search bar, but only one actual porn-style return, for #123 ينام (to lie)

Chinese 8 May 2016


This particular Chinese Swadesh is chock full of cheesecake, some of it borderline porn. The first 40 words are pretty much either cheesecake or Chinese characters.

This time I also have a graphic warning: #187 烂 (rotten) is a picture of some poor guy with his right eye gouged out.

Spanish 2 May 2016


Dream interpretation… what a weird thing to specialize in SEO trolling. Anyway, this particular Swadesh grid is significant in that #179 año was the first time an image was returned that referred to the actual correct year.