Monthly Archives: July 2015

Arabic 25 Jul 2015


Here’s the Arabic Internet Swadesh list. was the search engine used for the image searches, it came up as the top hit for searches in Arabic. The terms were entered using Arabic characters.

Some of the images were quite off; I suspect my Swadesh list had some errors, or else I might be running foul of more idioms than in the other lists. I used Google Translate to double-check, for what that’s worth. For this reader of Roman alphabets, this list was harder to process than the Chinese one, for some reason.

No major SEO link-whores, but and were the big winners today.

Chinese 18 Jul 2015


The search engine used for the Chinese Swadesh list is The terms were entered using Chinese characters, not pinyin transliteration.

Many of the more abstract terms came up with calligraphy samples rather than images illustrating the concept. Some even supplied drawing templates for the characters. There were lots of women in the image searches, some porn, some not. tended to serve the calligraphic characters, and was the winner in the SEO sweepstakes.