Monthly Archives: January 2016

French 23 Jan 2016


New French Swadesh. The image hosting site Canope showed up again this time, the five color words almost had a complete set of color fields except for 177 noir (which has a little cat head in the upper left corner), and 191 émoussé showed up as an actual definition.

Chinese 02 Jan 16


A new Chinese list, done on the heels of the Spanish list, as the holidays kinda backed things up. For this one I decided to go with the first return that Baidu supplies that is not a sponsored link. Before, I went with the very first image returned regardless of reason, but I think that using sponsored links is not quite in keeping with the project concept. It’s also easier to get a cleaner image, as I don’t have to screenshot around the text that Baidu appends over the clickthrough image.

Not as crazy as most, this one features solid color squares for all five color terms (172-176).

Spanish 01 Jan 16


This Spanish Swadesh was a victim of holiday travel and then holiday illness. I was hoping to have it done on Wednesday 29 December, when I returned from California, but the common cold intervened.

This one seemed to be pretty different from the last one while I was compiling it, and comparing the file seemed to bear that out. No major weirdness, alas.