Chinese 19 June 2016


Chinese again. Baidu is switching around how it handles image search, so I had to alter the protocol again. But, as usual, there’s nothing that doesn’t result in a returns page full of cheesecake. That said, Baidu generally returns things that are not shopworn stock photos or dream interpretation SEO, although that last might be my ignorance of Chinese showing through.

An old favorite showed back up, a girl farting orange dust for #109 死 (to die), as well as an old non-favorite, the guy with the gouged eyeball for #187 爛 (rotten). The return for #67 蛋 (egg) was atypical, a clutch of hatching caimans (or other crocodilians). And #87 脖子 (neck) was a quizzical looking Superman with his head cocked and his insignia reversed.