Chinese 11 Oct 2015


Well, you can always depend on to serve up some Chinese characters, cheesecake, gore, and whathefuckery with every image. For some reason this round seemed particularly odd, and there were plenty of mouseover redirect entries that I had to screenshot to get an image. Fortunately, baidu serves the redirect image thumbnails as scaled versions of the originals. If the originals are big, then the thumbnails are also big — if you magnify the browser view to bring that size out. So I got decent-res screenshots of most of the redirects. The subject matter of the redirects was another matter — sometimes it made sense, sometimes it was wildly off. The winner in the WTF redirect probably goes to 190 圆 (round), which returned some odd valve thing, although 176 黑 (black) got the most unintentionally amusing return, with an iPhone knockoff.

The SEO award again goes to nipic, and oopic of course comes in strong with all the characters returned. The Overall WTF award for the day is split between the busty woman in a brassiere cleaning a man’s teeth for 9 这里 (here) and the animé ingenue getting done literally doggystyle for 186 坏 (bad), which I suppose is pretty apt, and funny.