Chinese 30 Aug 2015


A day late, alas, but no worries. Again, the Chinese Internet Swadesh gets some seriously odd returns. Lots of ooopic calligraphy again, and some nipic general images.

The most amusing thing about this Swadesh is that must allow sites to pay for first-position search returns. If you see an image that looks like some weird industrial machine, or has a dark bar across the bottom, it’s one of those links. They always have a  mouse-over blackout script, and they never go to the usual image search exploration page. I usually have to get a screenshot of the search page thumbnail to include them.

And this time the Chinese Swadesh almost matched the Russian Swadesh in color term returns. It used images instead of swatches in everything but white, but I think the three naked girls that came up for the “yellow” term (黃) puts this one over the edge.